Perhaps you have downloaded a Minecraft custom chart, but don’t understand how to play it? In that case, this can be a page for you personally! Advertising Actions 1 Right-click the custom chart from your downloads section and press “copy”. Ad 2 Research ” %AppData %” in the minor research club at the top right part of the downloads. 3 Click the “wandering” directory. 4 Click the “.Minecraft” file. 5 Click the “saves” folder.

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6 Right-click, and select “stick”. 7 Earth 3, rename it, and composite the downloadable guide inside the saves folder: World1, Planet 2, etcetera. 8 Start the custom map file if the custom chart report seems different than another saves. Discover the record that appears precisely the same. 9 Look for the brand new save. There ought to be a new conserve termed, for instance: “Herobrine’s estate within the single-player worlds ” by Hypixel. 10 Open the road and enjoy! Ad Your support could be genuinely used by us!

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