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Take procyclidine exactly as directed by your doctor. If you do not understand these directions.ask your pharmacist.nurse.or doctor to explain them to you.

The usual dose of buy kemadrin drug hydrochloride for initial treatment is 2.5 mg administered three times daily after meals. If well tolerated.this dose may be gradually increased to 5 mg three times a day and occasionally 5 mg given before retiring. In some cases smaller doses may be employed with good therapeutic results.

If this is the case Kemadrin should be reintroduced to avoid debilitating extra-pyramidal symptoms. Cessation of treatment periodically is to be recommended even in patients who appear to require the drug for longer periods.

Adverse events of a neurological character such as blurred vision.dizziness.confusion and disorientation have been reported with procyclidine. Therefore.if affected.patients should be advised not to drive or operate machinery.

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