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In addition, studies tell us that tamoxifen is not associated with an earlier age of menopause.

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Because these drugs increase your risk of developing serious blood clots.there is also concern that they might also increase your risk of heart attack or stroke.although this is not clear. This is something you might want to discuss with your doctor.especially if you have a history of a heart attack or stroke.or if you are at increased risk for them (see Deciding Whether to Use Medicine to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk).

Women with DCIS treated with lumpectomy and radiation therapy who are considering NOLVADEX (tamoxifen citrate) to reduce the incidence of a second breast cancer event should assess the risks and benefits of therapy.since treatment with NOLVADEX (tamoxifen citrate) decreased the incidence of invasive breast cancer.but has not been shown to affect survival (See Table 1 in CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY ).

If tamoxifen and bipolar disorder are taking tamoxifen to reduce your risk of breast may need to take your first dose during your menstrual period. You may also need to have tamoxifen and bipolar disorder pregnancy test before you start taking make sure you are not pregnant. Follow your doctor’s instructions.

A. According to drug information.peripheral edema (swelling in the lower limbs).as a side effect.has been reported in 11% of patients taking tamoxifen during clinical trials. Fluid retention was also reported at 32% and weight gain has been reported at 9%. As with your healthcare provider regarding possible side effects of your medication. Jen Marsico.RPh.

high levels of calcium in your blood – vomiting.constipation.increased thirst or urination.muscle weakness.bone pain.confusion.lack of energy.or tired feeling.

This medication can block the growth of breast cancer. It works by interfering with the effects of estrogen in the breast tissue.

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