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Pharmacology Animal studies performed in India showed ingestion of a defatted alcoholic extract of Boswellia decreased polymorphonuclear leukocyte infiltration and migration.decreased primary antibody synthesis and caused almost total inhibition of the classical complement pathway. In an in vitro study of the effects of Boswellic acid on the complement system.he extract demonstrated a marked inhibitory effect cheap shallaki 600 both the classical and alternate complement systems.

Asthma has been treated successfully using boswellia serrata extract. It helps to relax the bronchial passageways.

2) The main types of exercises recommended for arthritis patients include flexibility exercises.strengthening exercises and cardiovascular exercises. Flexibility exercises that include range-of-motion and stretching exercises are most important for your joints. They should be done daily. At least 15 minutes of flexibility exercises significantly reduces joint stiffness. By improving joint flexibility.they minimize the risk of joint injuries. The range-of-motion Yoga and Tai Chi poses relax the joint muscles.improve balance and reduce stress.

Boswellic extract from Boswellia serrata.has been studied for anti-neoplastic activity.especially in experimental primary and secondary brain tumors.indicating potential efficacy from in vitro and limited clinical research. Boswellic acid is also undergoing an early-stage clinical trial at the Cleveland Clinic.

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The resin varies in colour from transparent golden brown to dark brown or dark greensh brown. It is very brittle.with a vitreous fracture and resembles colophony in odour and is tasteless.

The bark is sweet.cooling and tonic. It is good in vitiated conditions of Pitta. When the tree trunk is tapped.a gummy oleoresin is exuded. A purified extract of this resin is used in modern herbal preparations.

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