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He said lariam s rare psychiatric side effects are well-known and troops are carefully monitored for bad reactions, in which case they are generally given doxycycline.

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Lariam should be used with caution in patients with psychiatric disturbances because mefloquine use has been associated with emotional disturbances (see ADVERSE REACTIONS ).

Mefloquine is an antimalarial agent which acts as a blood schizonticide. Its exact mechanism of action is not known.

heart disease. liver disease. epilepsy or other seizure disorder. diabetes. bleeding or blood clotting disorder. a history of mental disease. or if you take a blood thinner (warfarin.Coumadin.Jantoven).

Mefloquine is lariam 250 mg price to treat malaria (a serious infection that is spread by mosquitoes in certain parts of the world and can cause death) and to prevent malaria in travelers who visit areas where malaria is common. Mefloquine is in a class of medications called antimalarials. It works by killing the organisms that cause malaria.

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