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Principi attivi l acido ursolico, isolato da foglie di tulasi, protegge la membrana mastocitaria prevenendo granulazione e riducendo il rilascio di istamina.

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Overpowered with grief and sadness.Tulasi cried loudly and repeatedly lamented.

“Tulasi plants and their leaves are very important in devotional service. Devotees are recommended to water the tulasi tree every day and collect the leaves to worship the Lord.”

tvad anga sambhavaih patraih pujayami yatha harim tatha kuru pavitrangi kalau mala vinasini.

Kali immediately went to him.lifted her son to her breast and carried him to Lord Siva. By virtue of his deep knowledge.Lord Siva revived Kartikkeya and endowed him with inexhaustible strength. He then got up full of vigor but remained guarded by Lord Siva.

How to Consume? Consume it raw.plucked fresh from the plant.add it purchase tulasi incense your tea or make kadha out of it. Apart from the conventional ways of consuming the humble.holy can experiment with it in your cooking and render an exquisite.earthy.aromatic flavour to your preparations. To begin with.we bring to you one of the most basic and widely loved delicacies prepared using tulsi leaves.Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property.

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srila prabhupada stressed this by making tulasi puja a daily part of our morning program.