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Granules. Lamisil oral granules are used to treat a fungal infection of hair follicles in children over age 3.

Frequency not reported . Changes in ocular lens and retina.dyschromatopsia.photopsia.

Find all of the news and departments you love from the print issue archived for easy online access.along with special Web-only content.Generic Name and Formulations. Terbinafine (as HCl) 1%.

Q. How effective is Lamisil for treating toenail fungus lamisil generic drug what are the health risks of this drug?

In vitro studies with human liver microsomes showed that terbinafine does not inhibit the metabolism of tolbutamide.ethinylestradiol.ethoxycoumarin.cyclosporine.cisapride and fluvastatin. In vivo drug-drug interaction studies conducted in healthy volunteer subjects showed that terbinafine does not affect the clearance of antipyrine or digoxin. Terbinafine decreases the clearance of caffeine by 19%. Terbinafine increases the clearance lamisil generic drug cyclosporine by 15%.

Treatment of fungal infections of the skin caused by dermatophytes such as trichophyton (eg T. rubrum.T. mantagrophytes.T. verrucosum.T. violaceum).Microsporum canis and Epidermophyton floccosum.and Pityriasis (tinea) versicolor due to Pityrosporum orbiculare (also known as Malassezia furfur).

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