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Menosan is an ideal alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) without the associated risks and adverse effects.

Buy menosan notebook.the most popular treatment modality used to manage menopausal symptoms is hormone replacement therapy or HRT. In this buy menosan notebook method.a woman takes either estrogen or a combined estrogen-progesterone synthetic hormone in the form of pills.patches.creams.gels or implants to maintain optimal levels of these reproductive hormones.thus eventually.preventing the onset of awful symptoms.

BSO . Bilateral surgical oophorectomy CVA . Cerebrovascular accident CVD . Cardiovascular disease ECG . Electrocardiograph HERS . Heart and estrogen/progesterone replacement study HRT . Hormone replacement therapy HS . Highly significant LDL . Low density lipoprotein LDL-C . Low density lipoprotein-cholesterol NS . Not significant NYHA . New York Heart Association PMO . Postmenopausal osteoporosis QOL . Quality of life Buy menosan notebook . Significant UTI . Urinary tract infection WHI . Women Health Initiative WHO . World Health Organization WHODAS . World health organization disability assessment schedule WHOQOL . World health organization quality of life.

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Menosan addresses all menopausal distresses. It enhances hormone usage and manages general hormonal offset. It helps with the state of mind swings.hot flashes.peevishness.and restlessness. Menosan gives regulation of the urinary tract capacity. It gives a feeling of prosperity. Menosan helps an agreeable post-menopausal state. It is a perfect option to Hormone Substitution Treatment as it is totally regular and has no reactions.

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