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Phosphate-binding agents since rocaltrol also has an effect on phosphate transport in the intestine, kidneys and bones , the dosage of phosphate-binding agents.

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It is very important to follow the diet recommended by your doctor to get the most benefit from this medication and to prevent serious side effects. Do not take other supplements/vitamins (e.g..calcium.vitamin D) unless ordered by your doctor.

Calcitriol is a synthetic (purchase rocaltrol generic name-made) active form of vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). It is used to treat and prevent low levels of calcium in the blood of patients who have kidney disease or problems with their parathyroid gland.the gland that controls the amount of calcium in blood through its secretion of parathyroid hormone.

Immobilized patients.e.g..those who have undergone surgery.are particularly exposed to the risk of purchase rocaltrol generic name.

Magnesium-containing preparations (eg.antacids) may cause hypermagnesemia and should therefore not be taken during therapy with Purchase rocaltrol generic name (calcitriol) by patients on chronic renal dialysis.

In concurrent hypercalcemia and hyperphosphatemia.soft-tissue calcification may occur. this can be seen radiographically (see WARNINGS ).

Also.let your doctor know if you’ve recently been dehydrated or had surgery.or are unable to move around.

Stop using calcitriol and call your doctor at once if you have a serious side effect such as.

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