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We used multi-dimensional proteomic technology to determine that women with preeclampsia requiring mandated delivery exhibit a urinary proteomic signature characterized by non-random fragments of SERPINA-1 and albumin. We provided evidence that appearance of the proteomic fingerprint in the urine precedes the onset of clinical symptoms and maintains diagnostic significance in the context of associated morbidities.thereby improving disease classification. Proteomic profiling of the urine was significantly better than clinical evaluation alone.or angiogenic factors to predict severity of preeclampsia and need for delivery. This could be a very important especially for the developing world where severe disease is associated with high mortality. 31 We further provided evidence that proteomic profiling of the urine carries the potential to differentiate preeclampsia from uncontrolled hypertensive disorders when clinical criteria alone seem powerless. Lastly.our findings that a significant proportion of women with crHTN or mPE display the biomarkers characteristic for sPE supports the view that classification of hypertensive disorders based on clinical criteria is deficient. Proteomics may allow in the future identification of “new” molecular diseases relevant for reclassification of the preeclamptic syndrome.treatment selection and prognosis. In addition.knowledge of the identity of the biomarkers provided us with a new mechanistic view of preeclampsia.

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The following adverse reactions have been observed with rauwolfia preparations.but there has not been enough systematic collection of data to support an estimate of their frequency. Consequently the reactions are categorized by organ system and are listed in decreasing order of severity and not frequency.

The major and most evident benefit of Serpina tablets for the hypertensive people is regulation of their blood pressure. It is quite efficient in treating the problem of mild to moderate hypertension.

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